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There is a long history of traditions and folklore associated with gemstones. Ancient civilisations associated specific gemstones with particular properties. Tanya is making no claims at all in relation to these ancient beliefs - but she has gathered together a brief summary for your interest:

Agatesgreat aid in meditation and a powerful healing stone
Aquamarinebring the wearer protection and relaxation on long journeys
Clear Quartzbring harmony to the wearer’s clarity and mind. It is recognized as a “Stone of Power”. It can stimulate the wearer’s brain function and dispels negativity
Fluoritepowerful healer and can aid concentration. It is believed to improve absorption of vital nutrients in the body
Green Aventurineenhance creativity and the ability to see possibilities. It is also said to bring the wearer emotional tranquillity, good health and well-being
Hematitefocuses energy and emotion, it also helps to reduce negativity. It is said to bring the wearer tranquillity and aids in restful sleep
Jasperpromote a balance between physical, intellectual and emotional bodies. There are lots of different jaspers which all have slightly varying properties
Labradoriteprovide clarity and insight into your destiny. It is also said to be especially helpful for dream recall and finding ways to use dreams in daily life
Mother of Pearlknown as the “Stone of Sincerity” enhancing personal integrity. It is also believed to help the wearer focus on their attention
Pietersitea variation of the tiger's eye also called eagle's eye. It is said to have properties that enables the wearer to explore themselves emotionally
Riverstoneprevent worry and helps to carry burdens that are difficult to carry alone. The wearer should find it easier to go with the flow rather than against the current
Rose Quartzis everything symbolic regards to love and beauty. It is believed to restore youthful qualities to the skin and self esteem
Smoky Quartzcomforting and calming, transforming negative emotions into positive energies. It is also said to enhance survival instincts
Turquoisestrengthen body and mind and enhance the emotional balance of the wearer

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